Sage Bundle Beginner Smudge Kit, 4-Inch Abalone Shell, Tripod Stand

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A sweet and wee small smudge kit, PERFECT for the smudging beginner, or one who has limited space and can't use the larger kits! This little kit is perfect for a house blessing, new home housekeeping or hostess gift, or a fun gift for a bridal shower, wedding, or birthday! One small 4-inch abalone shell* with 4-inch wooden tripod stand, and 4-inch white sage bundle for herbal smudging. A short instruction sheet on smudging is included as well. You will receive a shell similar in size and color to the one pictured. *The example shells in the photo are similar to the one you will receive.

Smudging with sacred herbs and resins is a tradition as old as time, utilized by peoples of most spiritual and religious traditions. All herbs and resins have individual healing properties, known to our ancient ancestors, and used and appreciated in modern times, as well. Smudge with herbs to purify, clear, calm and neutralize chaotic or unwanted energies.

To smudge yourself or another, direct herbal smoke with a feather toward the heart first, then over the head, down the arms and the front of the body. To smudge a home, open windows if possible to allow the room to clear. Walk room to room wafting smoke as you go, say a personal blessing if needed. For objects, waft smoke over object or pass object through the smoke (if small). *It is always recommended to protect your burning bowl with a bed of sand or ash, as it can get rather hot if using a charcoal to burn incense. 

Smudging is a common vernacular for the sacred smoke bowl blessing, a powerful clearing and cleansing technique for your body, tools, crystals and home. Smudging is a recommended and welcome practice on a frequent basis to clear negative or stagnant energy, clear energies from your body and mind after work, and to purify the air during and after illnesses of all kinds. Also a wonderful tool to cleanse new items entering your home, or after visitors exit, to neutralize and charge the air with positive energy. Smudging can, and should, be done during ritual of any tradition, to create sacred space, and charge ritual tools.

From our home in the foothills of North Carolina to yours...happy smudging for your health and well-being. Smudge daily!

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