Rawhide Rhythm Shakers Rattles

$ 25.00

Hand Crafted from Cowhide/Rawhide left over from the drum-making process by a friend who lives in the U.P. Michigan. These hand made shakers have a crisp, sharp tone. Nice addition to your rhythm section -OR- PERFECT to bring along to your next drum circle.

They are available in two styles, either the long, round shape in the first photo, or, the diamond shape in the second. Depending on the style they run between 8-12" long. The wood handles are wrapped in brightly colored fabric. Each is unique and funky!

Choose your shape from the dropdown box. Rawhide color and handle colors will be selected at random depending on current availability. Please let us choose.*

*All rattles are in the style and shapes as pictured in the photos, but photos are not indicative of exact current stock.