Greybeard's Flute Life Antiseptic Oil

$ 12.00

Originally made to use at flute circles and festivals to safely sanitize flutes after playing. When asked many times about what I was using to wipe mouthpieces, and receiving positive comments on the wonderful scent, I quickly realized my customers needed this product for their own home use! Greybeard's Flute Life Oil is made with naturally antiseptic essential oils of Lavender and Tea Tree, as well as sweet almond oil. Our newest formula incorporates Cedar, Sage and Tea Tree Essential oils in sweet almond oil. Contains NO alcohol or any chemicals to damage wood finishes. My all-natural oil will not only sanitize your flutes, but will leave the wood looking renewed and smelling clean and fresh! Ultra-safe for contact with skin, mouth and hands!

Your 2 oz. bottle of Flute Life Oil comes with a cotton flannel wiping cloth. This fabulously scented oil can be used to clean and sanitize multiple wood surfaces, and is extremely long-lasting...a little goes a long way!

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