Damascus Steel Knife, Athame Dagger, Ancient Bog Oak Handle

$ 150.00

This listing is for the handcrafted Damascus steel dagger shown, with a hand shaped Ancient Bog Oak handle created by me. You will also receive the padded zippered case included in the photo.

The blade is genuine, beautifully patterned Damascus Steel, hand forged of over 200 layers of high carbon steel. It is forged in the USA from hardened 10n95 and 15n20 steels and hardened to 57-60 on the Rockwell C scale. This blade shows a gorgeous patterning. This is a serious blade that will take and hold an edge very well. It will arrive sharpened and honed to a razor's edge.

The length of the dagger is 7-1/4 inches approximate overall length with a blade that is approximately 4 inches in length. The handle is crafted from stunning, 5,000 to 7,000 year-old ancient bog oak, with brass pins. The wood used in this knife handle is ancient bog oak trees from the bogs of England, and have amazing energy! There is no paint or dye in this wood, this is it's natural black color. "Many thousands of years ago the East Anglia fenland basin was very densely forested by gigantic oak trees. Approximately 7000 years ago a rise in sea level relative to land level caused the rivers to back up and flood the fens, consequently the trees died standing and then fell into the silt of the forest floor and many have been preserved under anaerobic conditions until now." Adamson & Low, Cabinet Makers.

This is a beautiful piece and suitable for many purposes including ritual work, collectible, hunting, and great for gift giving for knife aficionados. With care, this knife should last a lifetime!

*Disclaimer: Upon purchase you are acknowledging that you are over the age of 18, and are aware of your customs regulations of your country if you are an international buyer. As some countries will refuse items such as this, it is your responsibility to know your country's regulations. Greybeard's Wand Shop will not be held responsible if used in an irresponsible manner, or if customs of your country has issues.


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