Bamboo Root End Key of F Native American Style Flute

$ 275.00

Native Style flute made from a heavy walled, root end bamboo in the key of F minor. Features an inlaid nest, block, and mouthpiece from walnut and spalted apple wood. The block is secured to the flute with a tan and black elk hide laces. A genuine abalone cabochon centers a hand burned morning star directly below the sound hole, and tan braided "sinew" bindings complete the look.

This is another really sweet playing flute with a solid voice and strong volume. It is very vibrant and projects well. This flute has the unique look of a traditional Japanese shakuhachi flute with a root end. The hybrid construction incorporates an inlaid wood nest for a full sound of a wooden flute with the inherent vibrance of bamboo. The overall length of this flute is about 25-1/2".

Soundclip for this beautiful flute:

*All Tree of Life Flutes are electronically tuned for accuracy. Each is individually voiced for strength and quality of the sound as well as playability. They feature a modest back pressure, play well softly but especially love to be pushed. Each flute I make comes with my concern for your satisfaction in mind. Each is line bored from a solid blank, not split, and finished with natural oils My workmanship and your satisfaction are guaranteed.

**Disclaimer: Some of the flutes that I make are Native American in Style only. My products are not Native made, I am not and make no claims to any Native heritage or Tribal affiliation.

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