Warm Words From Friends!


"AMAZING looking and sounds FANTASTIC. His shipping was insanely fast, packaging was like fort KNOX, padded perfectly. Anyone wanting to buy a flute from ED, DO so and do so fast. Fantastic pricing for an amazing looking and sounding flute. I am looking forward to buying others from him in different woods and keys. He will def get more business from me! What can i say, INCREDIBLE playing, sounding and looking Flute. I was floored at the packaging and the super fast shipping. But even more amazed at the ease in which it plays and sounds. LOVE it."    Ivan M., New York

"Hi Ed, As luck would have it, the flute arrived early. I am awed!! This is definitely my flute. Sometimes ya just gotta trust that intuition. So expressive with that haunting sound that you said it had. I don't think I've been so excited by a NAF in awhile. It has it's own song. Thank you so much. Most definitely a special flute!"   Dave B., New York

"Returned with the mutts this morning and surprise...a triangular box awaited. Ed's quick response to my order plus an astoundingly fast two day trip from NC to CA by the oft maligned USPS supplied a good omen of what was to come. Right out of the box as they say, came one, flat out beautiful horn! There is something about Ed's artistry for me at least, which speaks volumes about hands on, down home originality. You want to look, touch, rub, smell and feel the energy. Oh, and it plays like a dream. Seriously, a professional instrument capable of hitting all thirteen notes and more with clean refreshing sound and in tune too, way to go Ed! So pleased and thanks for the flute kit too. Can't wait to show it off at the local flute circles and maybe the next time I see Mary Youngblood I'll ask her to give it a whirl."     Greg F., California

"Ed Dougherty's Tree of Life Designs flutes are some of the highest quality flutes that I've had the privilege of playing. With every note the flute sings, you can feel the love and craftsmanship that went into its creation and you know that Ed truly loves what he does. I own two Tree of Life Designs flutes and look forward to expanding my collection."     Gwain N., North Carolina

"I just picked up my custom eastern red cedar Key of G from Tree of Life Designs. It is a most excellent piece of musical craftsmanship! Ed is truly a master. The sound is beautifully warm and fluid. Ed put a lot of heart into my flute and it shows in the special touches he put on the flute, that adds great spiritual significance and energy to the instrument. The simplicity of the piece shows off its natural beauty. Ed truly connects with his customers through his flute making! Tree of Life Designs' flutes have soul!"     Blake B., North Carolina

 "The first thing I do each morning when I awaken, is to take a hot shower, then I have a cup of coffee, then I play my Fm that was made for me by Ed Dougherty. I can recommend this as a superb and excellent way to start any day!!! In the last 3 years, I have owned 27 flutes, from 13 of the most reputable flute makers in America, which I finally realized one day was way too many as I simply could not play them all. I am now down to 12, and 4 of them have come from Tree of Life Designs. I will never get rid of a flute made by Ed....NEVER. Ed's craftmanship is first class. His flutes are impeccably tuned and play as if they are made of magic. In fact, I joke with Ed that he must use Faery Dust in the creation of his Masterpieces. Who knows, maybe he does? If you do not own one of Ed's flutes yet, I can only ask, why not? A very happy customer"      Tenzin K, California

"I've been playing my two flutes quite a bit... tone is forward and bright, and it is so responsive to minor finger movements and breath nuances. I like it more the more I play it. You, sir, are a steely-eyed missile man! Thanks for your work!"     David M., Missouri

"you make wunderfoll flutes"     Willi S., Hauptschulabschluss, Germany