Welcome to the virtual home of Tree Of Life Designs! Our names are Ed Dougherty and Dawn Leith. Tree Of Life Designs is our labor of love, and is a true backyard enterprise. I invite you to explore our website, and our selection of hand-crafted Native American-Style and bamboo flutes, flute care products, energetic smudging supplies, wooden tongue drums, hand-carved walking sticks, and a host of other distractions! Each instrument, as well as our signature Everyday Hearth & Home Smudge Blend, is individually hand-crafted, unique, and represents our pride and passion for the craft. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your visit, and please check back often for new offerings or miscellaneous ramblings...I am currently accepting custom work. Please email me at ed@treeoflifedesigns.com to discuss your flute vision!

**Disclaimer: Some of the flutes that I make are Native American in Style only. My products are not Native made, I am not Native, and make no claims to any Native heritage or Tribal affiliation.