Flute Care Products

I am always being asked, “What is the best way to care for your finely crafted wooden flutes?” To answer that question, I have created my own line of flute care products. Greybeard's Flute life wax is a custom blend of organic beeswax, carnauba wax, and essential oils. It is mixed, blended, and packaged by hand in small batches. Only the finest food safe ingredients go into the making of my Flute Life Wax. The result is a product that is safe, easy, and enjoyable to use!

My all-natural antiseptic Flute Life Oil will not only sanitize your flutes, but will leave the wood looking renewed and smelling clean and fresh! Ultra-safe for contact with skin, mouth and hands!

Here are some comments from customers that have already tried "Flute Life":

"Ed's flute wax is by far the best product that I've used on my flutes. With flutes being made of wood, the sun can take a toll on their pretty, vibrant colors and grains; Ed's Flute Life Wax restores their luster and keeps them looking sharp for the crowds! I would definitely recommend this product ... in fact, I endorse it!"
-Jonny Lipford, award-winning performing and recording artist.

"I received the wax and have put it on one flute. All I can say is it sure makes it shine without any greasy feel. Very nice stuff."
"OK.. your probably getting tired of these compliments.. don't just limit sales to fluties... I was looking at my acoustic guitar, a very nice Yairi. I figured what the heck. I brought out the wax and went to it. It looks better than new.. When I re-string I am going to try it on the fretboard too as the oils they have for those don't stay on long. The body of the guitar looks gorgeous.. that "wet" look as the car wax adds claim."
"A word on the "Flute Life Wax" that you sent me...I love this stuff! I applied the flute wax to several of my flutes, (Cypress, Box Elder, Cherry, Paduak, Walnut and Cedar) and my lips! I have never used anything on my flutes before, so some of them were really dried up, and in need of maintenance. The flute wax worked especially well on the most neglected of my flutes. The wood seemed to really soak it up, and there wasn't much left to buff off after a half hour. And the smell...I love the smell of this stuff! The thing that surprised me the most though was how much I actually enjoyed applying the wax and spending time with each flute. It was nice, and will become a regular habit now."