Pulling Up Stakes and Putting Down Roots January 18, 2018 18:03

Happy New Year to all our friends and followers of Tree of Life Designs! For us, 2018 is poised to be an exciting year, full of promise, possibility and the potential for many new creative endeavors. We hope that the New Year brings good health, prosperity and personal fulfillment to all of you as well. To all that we have met last year, be it online or in person, THANK YOU! We are truly grateful for all of the love, support and positive energy from each and every one of you.

Dawn and I, Ed, or “Greybeard” as Dawn likes to call me, start the year in our new, old, home in rural North Carolina . Late last year we stumbled across a most charming old Victorian home on a lovely 5 acres. At first look we absolutely fell in love with this home and thankfully managed to make it ours becoming caretakers of a historic homestead originally built in 1890. It is only 15 miles from our old home but so much more “out in the country” as our farmer neighbors and service providers have made us aware. As we completed our busy fall festival season we also packed up our home and workshops and moved during Thanksgiving week. In the midst of the holidays we managed to unpack and get mostly settled in. The process was as exhausting as it was exciting and thankfully an overall success which leads us to where we are today.

Upon some reflection and careful planning we have elected to travel less in 2018 and instead to focus our energy and attention to establishing our new home, shops and business locale. Sadly, that may mean missing some beloved events and seeing dear friends from afar. For that we are regretful, but in the end we feel it to be in our long term, best interest.

Dawn barely missed a beat with our “Tree of Life Apothecary” where we offer a full line of home crafted body care products along with energetic smudging supplies, herbs, tools and her Ebook “Sage Advice; A Practical Guide to Energetic Herbal Smudging, Cleansing and House Blessing”. She has a great new workspace and office that we share. We kept our online shops operating during the transition but now it’s time to setup my woodworking shop and get back to crafting custom flutes and a host of other items. Besides flutes I enjoy woodturning on my lathe making bowls, tankards, magic wands, pendulums, tobacco pipes, knives and more. I am really looking forward to making sawdust again and expect that with the expanded shop space many new possibilities as well as a backlog of ideas will become reality.

With that, I can sincerely say that for us, the best is yet to come. So, please keep an eye on our website www.treeoflifedesigns.com, our Etsy shops Tree of Life Apothecary, Tree of Life Flutes and Greybeard’s Wand Shop, as well as our newest website www.greybeardswandshop.com . We are presently working on some new listings including a handful of fantastic and beautiful flutes that have been packed away since our move. Thank you ALL once again and please feel free to contact either of us at:
ed@treeoflifedesigns.com or dawn@treeoflifedesigns.com

With our best,
Greybeard and Dawn