Festival Time! May 18, 2015 14:19

Spring is ending, and summer is swiftly on the way. Not only does that mean cookouts, ballgames, vacations, and family fun, but it also means festival time! Somewhere near you there are local events, music and craft fairs, community cookouts, art exhibits, etc. happening usually on a weekly basis. Are you taking full advantage of these chances to step out of your comfort zone and get out and about? One doesn't need to incur travel expenses to take some time out of a busy life to immerse yourself in music, fun food, street fairs, and to soak up the sun and fresh air. There are many things in your local nearby towns and cities to do that are fairly inexpensive at the gate/door, and many of them are FREE!

Greybeard and I have been vendors at two local spring festivals already, and they are a lot of work, but also tons of fun in which to participate. Many of these events are completely different from one another, and it is a blast and a challenge to think differently about how our booth is presented at each and every one. We are blessed to be able to be at these events, and hope to find even more local venues to set up our booth and bask in some local flavor, listen to great music at times, and meet people from all walks of life. The two local events we just finished were a perfect example that there is something to offer for everyone. The first one was a fantasy-themed outdoor event, with fantastic costumes and fun music, which we do every year. The second was an indoor event with a holistic lifestyle theme, which will now be a regular part of our festival schedule. We also do a few flute and music themed events, and in these ones, the flutes and musical instruments are at the forefront of the theme of the booth. Greybeard and I genuinely enjoy each and every one of these, for different reasons, but many times for similar ones. At every event, the one common thread we see is the joy of the attendees that have driven there and gone out of their way to consciously participate in an exciting atmosphere of frolic and fun, even at the "serious" convention-type expos. Even at an event that we have to drive across many states to attend, these reach out to the local communities to support, and artists like us have a chance to show our wares to folks that we may never have been able to reach. We have met many new friends because of this, will continue to do so, and love it!

With economic concerns and belt-tightening happening with many families today, the "staycation" has great meaning. Gone are the days when families had the financial means to take a couple nice trips a year and even visit distant family members. Plane fare, hotel, food, fuel, and admission to events and theme parks have skyrocketed, and can be out of the reach of many of us at this point. There are now more and more local fun fairs to choose from with short driving distances, again, many of them at little or no cost at the door. A family could attend a fun local event every other week and not even come close to the expense of just one vacation. When one chooses to patronize an event close to home, the ties to community are strong, and genuinely create prosperity and abundance for local crafters and artists, friends, neighbors, and the communities themselves, instead of filling the already overflowing coffers of big corporate entities. I've just been to a fantastic local farm and craft market, and marveled at the sheer talent some of the local artisans, farmers, and crafters in my community have. Folks, these are the wares you can touch and hold, taste and smell, and just can't find at the mall! The buskers were out belting out homespun tunes and adding even more to the fun atmosphere and camaraderie. It's also fun to bump into people you know, and be able to see them in a new light, such as a coworker you now see in comfy clothes dancing to music and laughing with their families. Even if something seems to have little interest for you, take a chance and grab a friend and GO. I've personally been surprised numerous times at what a great time I have had at something that I felt apprehensive about attending, or felt I didn't have the time or energy but went anyway. You just never know until you go!

Share in the high vibration energy, bask in the glow of sheer fun, and help create prosperity for your community, hit up a local event soon. The rewards are endless, and the abundance will find its way right back to you. At the very least, you will have great memories and hopefully some new friends to cherish!

Dawn Leith-Dougherty, Tree Of Life Designs